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Study and implementation of fixed income.

I participated in the fixed income implementation project at IEQ, which is an investment comparator by Itaú. In it, I only handled the research part.


The IEQ, like any product, was always evolving. Initially, it only compared investment funds, then it progressed to Real Estate Investment Funds (FIIs), and eventually, at the request of users, we started a study for the implementation of fixed income.


Interview with the users

We took this prototype to the lab, where I wanted to understand if people could easily find the fixed income tabs and if any information was missing.

Feel free to navigate through it...

Strengths and weaknesses of the journey

First screen

A few users showed a greater interest in finding their investment through the quick search.

The tabs were very well-received; everyone found them very intuitive and quick to locate.

Second screen

2.0 Default.png

A separate categorization of product rows was highly praised; they liked this separation and mentioned that it was quite informative as well.

The term 'classification' became confusing; some understood it to be related to the asset, while others thought it referred to the issuing bank.

The footer was confusing; people were not finding it, and it didn't make sense to them being so far down, perhaps because the colors are already too strong, and it ends up blending in with them.

Third screen

The manual insertion of investments was not well-received; it didn't make much sense as it should have been done in the previous step, i.e., when selecting assets for comparison.

The risk and return chart was only clear to users who engage with investments in their daily lives.

Everyone liked the profitability chart, especially the comparator.

A profitability projection was well-received, but with some reservations; they missed a gap for monthly contributions.



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