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Redesign home aggregator ion

In 2023, I undertook the redesign project for the Ion aggregator page, the investment application of Itaú.

What is the Aggregator?

It is a service that gathers information about different types of investments in one place.



O cliente had difficulty finding the aggregator easily, as it was located in an accordion at the top of the screen.

We do not have feedback for connection errors, token insertion, and outdated portfolios.

Group 676132.png

Clients perceive Ion as just a portfolio aggregator.


By the client to compare and analyze the composition of their portfolios.

Enable self-resolution of issues related to disconnections.                      

Merge the functionalities of the Aggregator with Open Finance and Advisory fronts.



 - Benchmark

 - Product Blueprint 

- Co-creation with business

 - Design critiques ( CX/ Tech/ Acessibilidade)

 - Usability Labs

- Approval

- Creation of high-fidelity screens

- Use Cases with Tagging

Captura de tela 2024-01-16 204046 1_edit

Screen experimentation

In the prototype experiment, I queried users about their preferences between the two versions. The focus was to understand the reasons that would influence their choices.

Prototype 1

- Red warning tag notifying about the disconnected portfolio

- Investment evolution chart

- Asset and institution segments

- Bar chart to display portfolio distribution across banks

- Detail of products separated only by assets

Prototype 2

- Screen lock to notify about the disconnected portfolio

- Profitability and yield chart

- Segments of assets and institutions, assets, and portfolio

- Doughnut chart to illustrate the portfolio distribution across banks

-Product details separated by assets and banks

In the conclusion of the analysis, it became evident that users appreciated a fusion of the features from both prototypes.



Screen lock

In the labs, clients emphasized the importance of the alert message at the beginning of the consultation to track investments.


This not only demonstrates the bank's commitment to providing clients with up-to-date information but also facilitates the analysis of portfolios.


Bank carousel

A viewing area for all banks that the user has aggregated, addressing a significant concern of users who struggled to find their portfolios and providing more visibility.


- Warning tags for portfolio connection errors.
- Easier visualization and selection with bank logos.


Doughnut chart

It brings a familiarity of understanding and an overview, making it the best visual format for analyzing portfolio composition.


Cards and buttons

In the labs, clients emphasized the importance of comparing products. Therefore, the decision to stack the cards.

The use of cards for products follows a structured design approach consistent with other homes using the iDS, ensuring visual standardization and consistency.

Feel free to navigate the prototype.

Given that it's a prototype, some functionalities are not operational.


2.5 (4).png




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